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Mahindra Emirates Vehicle Armouring Fz-LLC
P.O.Box 39893
RAKIA Industrial Park
Al Jazeera, Al Hamra
Ras Al Khaimah
United Arab Emirates
TEL: +971 7 2432824
FAX: +971 7 2432828

Did you know?

Mahindra entered into a joint venture with BAE Systems, a global leader in defence systems, to produce armored vehicles.


MEVA Straton Plus is armored capsule-based light bulletproof vehicle to provide protection to the personnel of Defence, Paramilitary and Police forces against small arms fire and grenade attacks. It has capability to be used in counter terrorist as well as conventional roles.

  1.  Model  STRATON PLUS

  2.  Make  Ford

  3.  Overall Length  6500 mm

  4.  Overall Width  2550 mm

  5.  Overall Height  2950 mm

  6.  Wheel Base  4185.9 mm

  7.  Turning Radius  10 m

  8.  Ground Clearance  400 mm

  9.  Engine  Diesel Engine, Turbo Charged

  10.  Model  6.7L, V8

  11.  Displacement  6700 c

  12.  No of Cylinder  8

  13.  Engine Output  223.7 Kw @ 2800 rpm

  14.  Torque  895 Nm @ 1600 rpm

  15.  Power to weight ratio  38.2 kw/ton 

  16.  Fuel Tank  257 Ltr (Main + Sub)

  17.  Transmission  6 Speed Automatic with 1 reverse

  18.  Drive  4x4 All wheel

  19.  Steering  RHD Power assisted

  20.  Suspension  Front Axle: Double wishbone suspension with bespoke coil spring, gas  damper   (external reservoir available), stabilizer bar and additional lifting point.

  Rear Axle: Live Live axle, trailing arms with bespoke pan hard rod, coil  spring and   gas damper (external reservoir available), stabilizer bar and additional lifting point.

  21.  Electrical System  Battery: 12v , Starter: 12v , Alternator: OEM Standard

MEVA Ballistic Chart.jpg

BS EN 1063


Core Type


Kinetic Energy


22 Long Rifle

Lead Core

360 m/s

168 J

9mm Luger

Lead Core

360 m/s

518 J


9mm Luger

Lead Core

415 m/s

689 J


357 Magnum

Lead Core

430 m/s

943 J


44 Magnum

Lead Core

440 m/s

1510 J

357 Magnum

Lead Core

580 m/s

1716 J

7.62mm X 39 PS Ball

Mild Steel Core

750 m/s

2048 J


5.56mm X 45 ss109

Lead Core with Hard Steel Penetrator Tip

950 m/s

1805 J


7.62mm X 51 NATO Ball

Lead Core

830 m/s

3272 J

5.56mm X 45 M193

Lead Core

990 m/s

2009 J

7.62mm X 39 API BZ

Hard Steel Core with Incendiary Tip

740 m/s



7.62mm X 51 AP

Hard Steel Core

820 m/s

3295 J

7.62mm X AP (WC)

Tungsten Carbide Core

930 m/s

3456 J

7.62mm X 54R B32 API

Hard Steel Core with Incendiary Tip

854 m/s

4303 J

Did you know?

Mahindra has over 75years experience of manufacturing tactical vehicles, employs over 200,000 people, is considered one of the most innovative companies in the world and has a turnover which exceeds USD$19 Billion


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